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September 24, 2011 / BrianOFlan

Security Shivers

What to do about the BEAST?  (What beast?)

Apache can serve TLS 1.2 with mod_gnutls (rather than OpenSSL’s mod_ssl) and Opera 10 is supposed to handle it.  (Opera’s viability was questioned empirically on Slashdot yesterday[1].)

Get this: The only other browser boasting TLS 1.2 capability? Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (and IE8 if you adjust its default config).  Internet Explorer!?
Plus, Microsoft Server 2008 and IIS7+ claimed TLS 1.2 capability back in 2009.

Who knew we could rely on Microsoft to be the big sturdy when all other secure web traffic crumbled?
Well, Google’s got a workaround for Chrome that sticks with TLS 1.0. And who doesn’t trust Google?

[1]  TLS 1.2 boasts called into question by experiment:

Further sources:

The whole thing is a shame.  No one wanted to find out the internet security technology we all take for granted may be illusory.

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