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August 27, 2010 / BrianOFlan

Amazon Web Services vs. Rackspace

A Rackspace ad caught my eye:  Cloud Servers starting at 1.5¢ per hour, about $11 per month.

Hate to make a decision based on price alone.  Comparisons exist favoring Rackspace Cloud Servers for small loads but Amazon EC2 for large instances.  If you’re not sure your site will get big, starting on Rackspace makes sense.  Perhaps when you grow, you will switch to EC2.  If you’re destined for high-volume compute-intensive popularity, you may start out on EC2.

According to the comparison linked above, small instances on Rackspace cost 35% to 3.7% the price of Amazon.  Another comparison shows Amazon to be consistently cheaper.

It was good to see cool options competitive to Amazon Web Services.  Consider Rackspace’s Cloud Files (same storage price as Amazon S3, costs more than S3’s Reduced Redundancy Storage, and more expensive data transfer) and Cloud Sites (costs slightly more than Amazon’s CloudFront).

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